30 Days of Night Figure Set

30 Days of Night Figure Set
Item# 30-days-of-night-figure-s30

Product Description

by Gentle Giant

Bring home some plastic vampire action! The first figures from the movie 30 Days of Night are coming, and they're gruesome! Each individually packaged action figure contains part of a build-a-figure of Lilth and comes with the kind of gritty, bloody detail you've come to expect from Gentle Giant. These creatures of the night are pre-posed and have a few points of articulation each, measuring about 6-7-inches tall. This set of figures includes: 1x Marlow, 1x Arvin, & 1x Iris...and then each figure contains a part of Lilth to put together. 30 Days of Night is a 3-issue graphic novel series written by Steve Niles and illustrated by Ben Templesmith. Released in 2002, 30 Days of Night follows a group of Vampires who flock to Barrow, Alaska where the sun sets for 30 days, allowing them to feed without the burden of sleep to avoid lethal sunlight. David Slade directed the theatrical adaptation which was released in October of 2007.

For 30 days every winter the isolated town of Barrow, Alaska is plunged into a state of complete darkness. It's a bitter time when most of the inhabitants head south. This winter, a mysterious group of strangers appear: Bloodthirty vampires, ready to take advantage of the uninterrupted darkness to feed on the residents remaining in town....blood bath.

Each Figure is approx 6" tall & includes multiple points of articulation and accessories