Marvel Heroclix AVENGERS Booster Brick

Marvel Heroclix AVENGERS Booster Brick
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Product Description


Marvel HeroClix Avengers celebrates the 5th anniversary of HeroClix in an epic way with a Marvel super-team so big that it requires 60 figures to get them all in! Marvel HeroClix Avengers takes the HeroClix game to a whole new level with a new features for players, collectors, and retailers, including: Booster packs have been increased to accommodate 5 figures, character cards and some of the most amazing sculpts ever seen in HeroClix! Exclusive character cards now give figures more thematic powers and abilities while giving great background information like first appearances, secret identities, and more! All HeroClix miniatures now feature a clearly represented rarity model; each piece is now marked with a set symbol colored to represent rarity.