Star Wars Kotobukiya Darth Maul Phantom Menace ArtFx+ Statue

Star Wars Kotobukiya Darth Maul Phantom Menace ArtFx+ Statue
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Product Description

A Kotobukiya Japanese Import! The hit line of smaller scale Star Wars ArtFx= statues continues with more of your favorite heroes and villains from the original films and the prequels! Up next is Episode I's Dark Lord of the Sith and bane of the Jedi, the vicious Darth Maul. master of the double-bladed lightsaber, Maul was a Zabrak and the first memeber of the Sith to act openly in recorded history when he ruthlessly attacked the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn on Tatooine. While he may not have survived past The Phantom Menace (or did he?), Darth Maul left a lasting impression on fans with his unique appearance and amazing lightsaber skills.

Darth Maul brings a powerful presence and fantastic action poses to your Star Wars ArtFx collection! The Sith Lord wears his unique layered black robes, open at the waist to allow the martial artist plenty of freedom of movement in his acrobatic attacks. Maul crouches in a sideways stance, presenting the smallest cross-section of his body to his enemies. His exact pose is up to you; with multiple interchangeable arms and heads you can display your Dark Lord in a variety of configurations with hands and lightsabers held up or down, and with a scowling face or a vicious snarl! Of course, the Zabrak's face is decorated with his intricate facial tattoos, and the detailed sculpt really shows off his ring of horns and textured clothing.

ArtFx+ statues are fun to assemble and pre painted snap fit kits that can easily be put together in seconds without glue or modeling skill. Darth Maul stands nearly 7 inches tall and will look great displayed alongside your other Star Wars statues. At last you can reveal your shelves to the dark side of the force!!