Singing Dancing Santa GIZMO 8" Plush Doll

Singing Dancing Santa GIZMO 8" Plush Doll
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Product Description


From the hit classic movie "Gremlins", comes Santa Gizmo..singing all the way. Bright light! Bright light! This cute Gizmo plush features lifelike fur, hand-painted ears, and an 11-inch ear span. He stands 8 inches tall and can't wait to nap in your bed with you. But remember: No midnight snacks for this adorable little guy! Batteries included!

You can even turn his singing off with the flick of a switch!!


* Keep them out of light, especially sunlight.

* Donít ever get them wet, keep them away from water.

* But the most important thing, the thing you must never forget. No matter how much they cry, no matter how much they beg never NEVER never feed them after midnight.