Batman and Son: Manbat Action Figure

Batman and Son: Manbat Action Figure
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Product Description

Based on the best-selling BATMAN series storyline: BATMAN and SON, art by Andy Kubert, written by Grant Morrison.

Slowly going deaf, Dr. Kirk Langström begins to experiment with bats in order to one day achieve the ability to use sonar and thereby eliminate his disability. He succeeds in developing a bat extract to allow him to use their natural ability, but the serum has terrible side effects and it isn't long before he is transformed into a vicious winged creature, half human, half beast: The Man-Bat. A conflicted creature, he mirrors Batman's duality in a more horrific way: at times an ally and at times an enemy for the Dark Knight, but always a tortured spirit.

This Ninja Manbat figure stands at 6.75", features multiple points of articulation and a base.