Batman Arkham City series 3 Action Figure Set of 6 by DC Direct Toys

Batman Arkham City series 3 Action Figure Set of 6 by DC Direct Toys
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Product Description

Each Series 03 Batman Arkham City Action Figure features multiple points of articulation, character-specific accessories, and a display base.

Batman Arkham City Action Figure Series 03: Set of 6 includes the following figures:

1x Azrael 1x Batman 1x Clown Thug (Orange) 1x Clown Thug (green) 1x The Penguin 1x Ra's al Ghul

Azrael: Azrael originates as a secret assassin in a sect called the Order of St. Dumas, conditioned by The System, a process which negates fear and provides Azrael with nearly superhuman qualities. He is called upon to become the new Batman after Bruce Wayne suffers his crippling defeat at the hands of Bane. Azrael quickly establishes himself as a more brutal Batman. He applies a series of technological advances to the Batman suit, and ultimately succeeds in defeating Bane. In Arkham City, Azrael approached Batman to allude to vague doom which awaits Batman and Gotham City.

Batman: Batman is clad in a dark grey costume with black mask and cape. Batman is a noted detective and strategist, and is among the most capable physical combatants on the planet. In addition to defending Gotham City against an array of depraved super villains, Batman serves as a core member and chief coordinator of the Justice League. In Arkham City, Bruce Wayne is imprisoned in Arkham Asylum by Hugo Strange, gaining his Batman equipment belatedly, and is pitted against the Joker.

Clown Thug: Clown Thug is a muscular figure clad in an incongruous green-hair clown mask and equipped with a baseball bat. Following a fire at Blackgate Prison which necessitates the temporary transfer of various inmates to Arkham Asylum, the Joker escapes custody and assumes control of Arkham. The Joker gains access to the chemical substance Titan, a powerful derivative of Venom, which enables him to bolster his ranks with superhuman thugs. In Arkham City it is revealed that the Joker suffers from an unpredicted side effect of Titan: a fatal disease which causes progressive debilitation.

The Clown Thug figures have either Red Hair or Green Hair. Both figures are included in this set

The Penguin: The Penguin is a slightly gruesome version of the character, clad in black attire with a fur-collared coat, along with top hat and jagged red monocle. He is equipped with one of his weaponized umbrellas. The Penguin is among the most venerable of Batmanís adversaries. Though the Penguin is primarily a strategist and orchestrator of elaborate capers, he is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, with honed reflexes belied by his rotund stature. In Arkham City, the Penguin refuses to relinquish his lair at the Iceberg Lounge and is trapped in the open-air facility of Arkham City. Seeking Mr. Freeze and the cure created by the latter to neutralize the degenerating effect of Titan, Batman learns that Freeze has been captured by the Penguin; pursuing the Penguin to the Cyrus Pinkney National History Institute, Batman battles against the Penguinís thugs.

Ra's al Ghul: Raís al Ghul is clad in elaborate black and gold attire. Among the most sophisticated of Batmanís adversaries, Raís al Ghul is benefited by a genius intellect, his mastery of alchemy, and a vast fortune accrued over many lifetimes. He perpetuates his existence by intermittent utilization of his restorative Lazarus Pits, which heal all injuries and are capable of resurrecting him from apparent death. He champions an agenda of which calls for the eradication of most of mankind. In conjunction with his abiding respect for Batman, and Batmanís romantic interest in Raís al Ghulís daughter, Talia, Raís perceives Batman as a worthy successor. In Arkham City, Raís al Ghul is the leader of the League of Assassins, and the financer of Hugo Strange.