Bioshock 2 Life Size Welder Splicer Mask Prop Replica

Bioshock 2 Life Size Welder Splicer Mask Prop Replica
Item# SplicerMask

Product Description

Based off the EPIC Video Game BIOSHOCK 2! Look out Big Daddy Bouncer!

The world of BioShock is as in-depth as it is confusing. Seriously, you could probably major in it and get your thesis published.

Among the universe of characters inhabiting the BioShock games, perhaps none are so feared as the Splicers. Viciously deformed and terrifyingly violent, these once-humans inhabit Rapture and are a perpetual threat to anyone trying to make their way through. They come in all shapes and sizes, and NECA is proud to bring you this Splicer Welder mask so you can make the action of BioShock and BioShock 2 even more real!

Whether you use the leather-like straps to put it on and wear around the house or you hang it on the wall like a hunting trophy, our Splicer Welder mask is perfect for any BioShock fan. It's solid resin and true to the game in its look and feel, making it a great companion piece for our other BioShock replicas.

If you're a diehard devotee or just getting introduced to Rapture and all the madness that lay within, the Welder Splicer mask is the perfect way to take your BioShock obsession to the next level. We dare you to play any of the games and not want one. Or two. Or ten.

manufactured by NECA