Blackest Night Black Lantern 3" Prop

Blackest Night Black Lantern 3" Prop
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Product Description

From the pages of BLACKEST NIGHT!

Fueled by death and the darkness of the universe, wearers of black power rings seek to eliminate all life and light from the emotional spectrum.

For nine consecutive months in 2011, DC Direct releases a 1:4 scale light-up Power Battery and light-up Ring Prop Replica Set featuring a color from the spectrum of the hugely popular DC Comics' epic BLACKEST NIGHT.

The Black Lantern 1:4 Scale Power Battery and the Black Power Ring sit in a translucent display and are removable from the stand. Both light up, featuring manual on/off switches.

The Power Battery measures approximately 2.875" high (minus handle) x 1.75" wide x 2.375" deep and is made of PVC/ABS. The Power Ring fits most sizes and lights up when worn. The translucent acrylic display measures approximately 1.5" high x 2" wide x 3.25" deep. The set is packaged on a 4-color blister.