Doctor Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver FullSize Working REPLICA
Doctor Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver FullSize Working REPLICA
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Product Description

The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver is an actual working screwdriver! Based on the Eleventh Doctor Who, this full sized replica (approx 10-11 inches tall) is die cast metal and fantastically detailed. Not only that, it also lights up with realistic Sonic Screwdriver sound effects when you use it! With 3 interchangeable screwdriver tips with reversible Phillips and flat-head ends, this useful gift will be the coolest thing in your tool box. An ideal Birthday Day or Christmas gift for any Doctor Who fan, you may not be able to save the galaxy, but that flat pack coffee table will be a doddle. BATTERIES INCLUDED

The sonic screwdriver is a fictional tool in the British sci-fi television series Doctor Who. Its most common function is to operate virtually any lock, mechanical or electronic, and thus open doors for escape or exploration. It has also been used for repairing equipment, as an offensive weapon, and occasionally even to drive screws. Like the TARDIS, it has become one of the icons of the program and is closely associated with the Doctor.