Dragon Age: Series 1: Genlock Action Figure

Dragon Age: Series 1: Genlock Action Figure
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Product Description

by DC Direct

The larger-than-life heroes and villains of one of the best-rated video games of 2009, Dragon Age, are captured in this incredibly detailed action figure series by DC Unlimited. You'll find some heroes, some villains, and plenty of dragons!

Genlock - Most numerous of the darkspawn, the stocky, tough genlocks are notoriously difficult to kill. The few stronger and more intelligent genlocks are the alphas: the generals among the darkspawn armies. While many of them possess a resistance to magic, the most intelligent of the alphas become gifted sorcerers, with many abilities akin to blood magic.

Larger-than-life heroes and villains from one of the best-rated games of 2009 are captured in 3-D by DC Unlimited! The Genlock Action Figure stands at 5.14" high with his weapon accessory.