Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees 7" Action Figure

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees 7" Action Figure
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For over 25 years, audiences have been shocked and terrified by the hockey-masked murderer of Camp Crystal Lake, Jason Voorhees. While Momma Voorhees was the maniac in the original Friday the 13th, it's her undead son people have come to know and love. The star of 11 films, including the recent hit Freddy Vs. Jason, Mr. Voorhees has also spawned a spinoff TV series, comic books, novels, and a host of imitators. It's obvious that Jason is still as popular as ever.

for the true Friday the 13th movie fan, you can bring home your own 7" Jason Voorhees action figure. Who could resist that face? Or that really big machete?

Jason Vorhees includes 2 interchangeable heads (one with the Sackhead & one with the Hockey Mask) and a machete that can slide in and out of a sheath on his left leg. Figures stand about 7-inches tall. Jason is intricately detailed with ball-jointed neck and shoulders, and swivel forearms, wrists, and waist.