Jim Morrison THE DOORS Action Figure McFarlane

Jim Morrison THE DOORS Action Figure McFarlane
Item# doorsfigure

Product Description

by McFarlane Toys

Paint: original paint Scale: 6-inch Format: action figure Packaging: clamshell

Jim Morrison's tenure with The Doors established him as rock 'n' roll's pre-eminent frontman. Though he died in 1971, few singers have been able to match Morrison's charisma and sheer vocal ability. Now, thanks to McFarlane Toys, the Lizard King will forever live on. McFarlane Toys has captured the Lizard King in his classic badboy swagger: bare-chested in brown leather pants and clutching the microphone for all he's worth.

Morrison stands 6 1/4 inches tall on his own and has six points of articulation. In addition to his leather pants, he's wearing a decorative belt and cowboy boots. His handheld mic is removable and has its own cord.