Mass Effect Series 1 Thane Action Figure

Mass Effect Series 1 Thane Action Figure
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Product Description

Two years after Commander Shepard repelled invading Reapers ben ton the destruction of organic life, a mysterious new enemy has emerged. On the fringes of known space, something is silently abducting entire human colonies. Now Shepard must work with Cerberus, a ruthless organization devoted to human survival at any cost, to stop the most terrifying threat mankind has ever faced. To even attempt this perilous mission, Shepard must assemble the galaxy's most elite team and command the most powerful ship ever built. Even then, they say it would be suicide. Commander Shepard intends to prove them wrong.

Thane- Assassin: A deadly assassin, Thane is something of a warrior-monk. He's cool, collected and reserved. He isn't fazed by violence, but wants to kill only those who "deserve" it.

Manufactured by Big Fish Toys