Marvel X-Men Classic Wolverine Fine Art Bust

Marvel X-Men Classic Wolverine Fine Art Bust
Item# wolverinebrownbust

Product Description

by Kotobukiya

Real metal claws! Wolverine continues the tradition of the X-Men Classic Chapter, wearing his brown and yellow costume from the 1980s, complete with reddish-orange belt and pointed cowl. The mutant brawler springs into attack with his left arm slashing upwards and his right poised for the next blow, while his face is frozen in an angry grimace. As an added bonus, Wolverine's wicked 2 1/3 inch-long claws are real metal! The feral mutant hero, sculpted by Takeshi Kimura, stands 9-inches tall above a specialized base with a relief sculpture of Logan's civilian face on the front. Each Fine Art Bust is individually serial-numbered on its base and is constructed of cold-cast porcelain.

Voted Wizard Magazine's Top Comic Book Character of All Time, Wolverine makes his triumphant debut as the final character in the X-Men Classic Character Fine Art Bust series. The grizzled mutant and veteran of countless battles has unbreakable Adamantium claws and skeleton, along with a healing factor that can bring him back from near-death.