Superman Last Son 4 Figure Set

Superman Last Son 4 Figure Set
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Product Description

by DC Direct (approx 7" tall)

Based on the best-selling ACTION COMICS storyline "Last Son," with art by Adam Kubert and written by Richard Donner & Geoff Johns!. Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base.

In "Last Son", Superman must balance his life as a crime-fighter with the life of an adoptive father. When a Kryptonian child falls to Earth, he and Lois Lane decide to take him in, naming him Christopher Kent and raising him as their son. Of course, even raising a child proves a challenge for the Man of Steel when young Christopher is followed in his descent from Krypton by the supervillains Non, Ursa and perennial foe General Zod.

Includes the following 4 Figures:

Superman Bizarro General Zod Ursa