Superman vs Doomsday Collector boxed set

Superman vs Doomsday Collector boxed set
Item# doomsday

Product Description

by DC Direct includes 2 6 inch Figures & 168 page DEATH of Superman Comic Graphic Novel

Superman is dead! From the startling series that rocked the DC Universe and shocked the world, this box set of the epic battle between Superman (with 21 points of Articulation) and Doomsday contains 2 fully articulated Action Figures and a 168-page comic collection. Each dominating character stands approximately 6 1/2-inches tall and comes with its own display base. The 4-color window-box package prominently displays both Action Figures and book. The comic compilation is the entire 11-issue storyline that captured the world's attention when Earth's most revered superhero was killed. No true red-white-and-blue Superman fan should be without this amazing set!

The death of Superman was a multimedia event that covered the front page of newspapers worldwide, as well as gaining prominent coverage in other media. It brought millions of readers to DC Comics.