Universal Studios Monsters FRANKENSTEIN 7" Figure

Universal Studios Monsters FRANKENSTEIN 7" Figure
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Product Description

The most famous tale of Dr. Frankenstein's Monster is still the 1931 "Frankenstein," starring Boris Karloff as the Monster. Created from the body parts of the deceased and given life through artificial means,the Monster ultimately turned on its master, and humanity.

* One misunderstood gigantic Frankenstein! * Mary Shelley's monster is brought to life! * Action figure comes with a detailed lab-table accessory!

The monsters are back again! The award-winning Universal Monsters Select line expands its roster of iconic screen legends with perhaps the most sympathetic creature of them all: Frankenstein's Monster. Sculpted by legendary monster sculptor Gabriel Marquez, this 7-inch tall Frankenstein Action Figure comes with the lab table upon which the monster was given life and from which he rose for the first time. Bring Mary Shelley's monster to life in your home!

The fans have already spoken, hailing this line as the most detailed and accurate depiction of the classic Universal Monsters ever, and this 7-inch interpretation of Frankenstein's Monster is proof-positive of Diamond Select's dedication to bringing these iconic monsters to collectors. The specialty market version includes an exclusive paint scheme, as well as a detailed accessory not available to the mass market!